Features and Options:

  • 1401 series tapered rollers are fitted with grey taper curve sleeve
  • Low noise during running and shockproof is the main features of sleeve rollers
  • Weight of individual item should not go beyond 50 kg
  • Temperature range:-5oC to + 50oC
  • Polymer bearing housing with precision ball bearing
  • Bearing Housing- Polyamide black
  • End Housing- Green
Gravity Tapered Conveyor Rollers - Internal Thread


Tube Dia(D) Shaft Dia(d)
Ø50 Ø12/Ø14 E = W+10 BF = W+10 L= W+11

Tube D*T WT D1 D2 shaft dia.Ø12(M8x15) shaft dia.Ø14 (M10x15)
Steel ,Zinc Plated
tapered sleeve
50x1.5 300 Ø56 Ø74.9 1401-SHT-ABI 1401-SHT-AJI
350 Ø52.9 Ø74.9
400 Ø56 Ø81.1
450 Ø52.9 Ø81.1
500 Ø56 Ø87.4
550 Ø52.9 Ø87.4
600 Ø56 Ø93.7
650 Ø52.9 Ø93.7
700 Ø56 Ø100
750 Ø52.9 Ø100
800 Ø56 Ø106.3
850 Ø52.9 Ø106.3
900 Ø56 Ø112.6
950 Ø52.9 Ø112.6
1000 Ø56 Ø118.9
1050 Ø52.9 Ø118.9
1100 Ø56 Ø125.2
1150 Ø52.9 Ø125.2
1200 Ø56 Ø131.5

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