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Roller from Conveline are revolutionizing the way industries operate. Our cutting-edge roller systems have found their place in a diverse range of sectors, spanning food distribution, pharmacy, tobacco, post & parcel, Air & Cargo, Food & Agriculture, Logistics & Warehouse, Packaging, and General manufacturing, among many others.
At Conveline, we offer an extensive selection of reliable and innovative roller solutions. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our dedicated team of sales, application, and production engineers. With their wealth of experience, they collaborate closely with clients, ensuring that our roller products perfectly suit their specific needs. By implementing our roller-centric conveyors, users can enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize their operations.
Experience the future of conveyance with Conveline's roller-centric solutions. Unleash the power of innovation, reliability, and expertise to elevate your industry to new heights.

80,000 Ft2+
manufacturing Area
Manufacturing Capacity Yearly
Manufactured in India
India's Largest
manufacturer of Conveyor Rollers

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Since its establishment in 2014, Conveline has always been committed to providing the highest quality conveyors and intralogistics conveyors to a wide range of industries. ​

Conveline Conveyors are used in wide range of industries including food distribution, pharmacy, tobacco, post & parcel, Air & Cargo, Food & Agriculture, Logistics & Warehouse, Packaging and General manufacturing & many more industries. Conveline provides a vast range of reliable and innovative conveyor solution. Our dedicated and experienced team of sales, application and production engineers work with our clients to ensure the products are suitable for the application and help users improve efficiency and reduces costs.

We have gained the consistent trust of ur customers. These customers and food distribution companies. We provide cusomers with over 20 different conveyor solutions, covering a variety of specifications to suit user’s different requirements. Today, our products exported to the China, South Africa, UAE & Europe, etc, and this range is gradually expanding.

With strong hold in Indian and overseas market, Conveline systems will continue to expand and pursue a greater market share, from introducing the complete conveyor systems as per our valued business partners requirements, we are viewing our market from a new perspective and are pleased to share our ideas of quality and innovation with every customer.​​

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