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Sorting conveyor systems are essential in directing products from one conveyor line to another. These systems consist of induction systems, system merges, and sortation diverts. Each conveyor is customized to meet the specific requirements of the operation, ensuring accurate identification, tracking, and efficient transportation of products, thereby expediting the order fulfillment process.


Application in the Food Processing Industry

Our diverse range of rollers is particularly suitable for conveyors used in the food processing industry. These rollers facilitate the sorting and categorization of various items such as fruits, vegetables, empty bottles, crates, and more. Additionally, they enable the sorting of tablets and capsules by weight, ensuring quality control in the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, our rollers are also employed in sorting waste in the recycling industry.

Automation and Precision

The sorting process is highly automated and precise, capable of reading barcodes, sizes, volumes, colors, and other criteria as per the specific requirements of customers. This advanced level of automation and precision ensures accurate sorting, enhancing operational efficiency.

Versatile Sorting Capabilities

Our sorting line incorporates various components that enable efficient sorting across multiple industries. These components include split conveyors, select conveyors, electronic weighing systems, camera checks, and product selection and delivery mechanisms. This comprehensive system caters to the needs of industries such as component manufacturing, machine parts, logistics, e-commerce, and agricultural product manufacturing, significantly boosting productivity.

Factors Affecting Yield

Several factors impact the yield of the sorting process. The lengths and weights of the objects being sorted, the conveyor speed, and the required spacing between products all play a crucial role in achieving optimal sorting efficiency. Careful consideration of these factors ensures maximum yield and productivity

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