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Our huge quantities of raw materials in stock let us maintain stable prices of our solutions and we can offer our products at a reasonably lower rate than the market prices. We can even offer better prices if for you have requirement of larger quantities. Our continuous investment in technology enables us to improve upon our cost and the same can be passed on to our customers. We manufacture rollers for a wide range of conveyor roller systems, from stainless steel, zinc-plated mild steel and PVC in tube diameters ranging from 25mm to 89mm.

Having gained a reputation for supplying high quality cost-effective conveyor rollers our products are used by many of world��s biggest OEM and not just material handling industry but in many other industry sectors too including Air Cargo and Airport, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Food Handling, Conveyor manufacturer, Material handling, Post and parcel, Automotive industry as well as in special purpose machinery.

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40,000 Ft2+
manufacturing Area
Manufacturing Capacity Yearly
Manufactured in India
India's Largest
manufacturer of Conveyor Rollers

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Lt Co/Akhil
Officer Commanding at Indian Army

I on behalf of 'Vajra Eagles' of Indian Army, take this opportunity to put on record the efforts and sincerity displayed while successfully supplying 50 x rollers in the best ever possible timeframe from Ahmedabad to Srinagar by you & your team, thereby assisting us in execution of an urgent & important operational task.


Mantti Sharma
Assistant Manager at IPCA Laboratories Limited

" Good systems and great support by conveline to meet automation requirements."


NBC Bearing

" We are using conveyors systems and conveyor rollers from Conveline Systems for the past many years. They are working smoothly. Their service staff is always supportive. "

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