Poly Vee Powered Conveyor Rollers

Features and Options:

  • Polymer poly vee belt pully separates the drive and conveying area
  • ISO 9982 PJ series poly vee pulley,Total 9 grooves at pitch of 2.34mm
  • Mostly used in light and medium duty carton handling application
  • Suitable for high-speed application up to 120m/min
  • Low noise and safety during running is the main feature of O ring rollers
  • Polymer bearing housing with precision ball bearing
  • Temperature range:-5oC to + 50oC
  • Bearing Housing -Polymide black
  • Drive element -Polymide black
  • End Housing - Green
Poly Vee Powered Conveyor Rollers - Internal Thread


Tube Dia.(D) Shaft Dia.(D)
Ø50 Ø14 E = W +35 BF = W+36 L = W+36
Tube D*T
shaft dia
Steel ,Zinc Plated 50x1.5 1204-SHN-AJS
Steel,Zinc plated with PVC sleeve 50x1.5 1204-KHN-BJI
Stainless Steel(SS304) 50x1.5 1204-AHN-AJI
Aluminium 50x1.5 1204-AHN-AJI

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